Practical example: how SMEs are properly digitalising with the IoT

Automating mechanical engineering production with the IoT – this is how it works
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Conrad Connect 2020 Journey

Behind all of us is an exciting and special 2020. We used the time and worked hard to make our platform and services even better for you.
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Back 2 Office in Corona times

Back at the Office: IoT Automation Ensures Clean Air at the Workplace in the Times of Corona
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7 Ways to Implement 21st Century Digital Facility Management

Doing rounds and manual procedures are a thing of the past.
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Starting an IoT Business Made Easy Using Conrad Connect as a Platform as a Service

How PaaS Solutions Help You Tap into the Business Potential of the Internet of Things
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Automated Meeting Room Bookings Using the Internet of Things

Raumbuchungen zu verwalten ist einfach. Mit Google Kalender, Joan und Conrad Connect automatisieren Sie diese Vorgänge und steuern ihre Haustechnik gleich mit.
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Occupancy-based Automation of Rental Property

If you turn your holiday property into a smart home, heating, air conditioning, access control and cleaning needs take care of themselves, based on occupancy.
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Smart Pharmacies Use the Internet of Things for Medication Cooling

The Internet of Things (IoT) helps smart pharmacies save time and money enabling automated drug storage temperature monitoring.
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Putting Slack in Charge: Smart Solutions for Office Automation

Office automation boosts workplace productivity, saves energy and improves the safety of the premises. Getting there is anything but complicated.
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Conrad Connect Business Solutions

The ‘Conrad Connect Business Solutions’ concept aims to provide full platform and ecosystem support for businesses who want to grow by the power of I
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Opening the event season 2019

In May the festival season finally starts! OK, we probably will not be at the Fusion, nor the Hurricane, SPLASH !, MELT! or at the Lollapalooza.
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