Our Developer Portal enables you to build amazing IoT services and roll-out them for over 400.000 IoT lovers throughout Europe and the USA. We provide the developer tools and infrastructure and eliminate HW compatibility barriers, so you can realize your ideas without worry.

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Create and launch services on the Service Marketplace of the Conrad Connect platform. Services, which provide additional value to the platform users by leveraging the resources of their connected smart devices, the features of the Conrad Connect platform, or even the capabilities of external APIs.

What type of services can be developed?


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The Stock Alert Service helps keep track on the price of a selected stock. It's possible to visualize live data via a dashboard widget, or be notified with a smart light, as soon as the price falls below a certain limit.

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Another example of a smart service that can be developed on the Developer Portal is a Smart Ordering Service. Already six online shops have one on Conrad Connect, with which purchases can be automated.



Predictive maintenance, elderly care service, smart security assistance, energy monitoring, or a simple pizza delivery service triggered by one-click ordering? This and more is all possible to create via the Conrad Connect Developer Portal. Unleash your creativity and develop an exciting solution! 

Who can join?

Everyone with the right coding skills (Node.js, HTML) and a bright mind can implement his, her or their great ideas: Either you are representing a company who wants to launch a new digital business, or you are an individual developer who wants to be ahead of everyone else:

For businesses

Developer Portal of Conrad Connect

  • Build up a new business channel for existing and new customers 
  • Tap on new opportunities by reaching a new, quickly growing customer base with already over 400.000 users
  • Create, test and validate new services faster than ever before by getting real-time feedback from the market

For developers

Developer Portal of Conrad Connect

  • Be among the first pioneers who conquer the “app store” of IoT
  • Cutting edge IoT technology allowing you to develop solutions easily for thousands of compatible smart devices
  • Create custom additional features for your smart home and share it with others easily
  • Become an expert by testing your ideas which you can monetize later
1. Sign up for the portal

1. Sign up for the portal

2. Develop your own service

2. Develop your own service

3. Launch it for the ​​​​​​Conrad Connect users

3. Launch it for the ​​​​​​Conrad Connect users

Please note that currently, we are working with the closed beta version of the Portal. All registered accounts will be reviewed by Conrad Connect prior to grant access. Sign up to get started, or to be notified as soon as the Portal will be available for you.