Enjoy the Benefits of Partnering With Us

Enjoy the Benefits of Partnering With Us

Conrad Connect is an innovative IoT platform, and right on track to become the No.1 in Europe. To unlock the full potential of the Smart Living approach and digital business models we enable consumers to interconnect and automate smart devices from different brands, also offering to providers of innovative services to team up with us.  

Establishing partnerships that benefit both parties helps us expand the range of compatible devices and services, sharing the potential of our platform with other players in the market. So, don’t miss out!

Hardware Integration Partnerships

Make compatibility with our platform one of the features of your device or service, achieved by cloud-to-cloud connectivity via a REST-API interface and OAuth2.0 authentication.

  • Add value and additional functionality to your product by enabling compatibility with all other products or services on our platform.
  • Increase the visibility of your product by engaging our tech-savvy audience and participate in shared marketing activities.
  • Encourage users to incorporate your product into set-ups also involving devices from other brands by creating projects easily shared on Conrad Connect.
Hardware Integration Partnerships
Conrad Connect Partner

Service Marketplace Partnerships

Make your IoT services available on our Service Marketplace that allows users getting the most out of their smart devices. Setting up a digital business on our platform is as easy as it gets. We make sure that your service is compatible with all relevant hardware.

  • Create and monetize your own digital service and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Engage with a tech-savvy audience open to technical innovation.
  • Focus on your business, leave dealing with all the technical aspects to us.
  • Create and launch your service easily via our Developer Portal.

Strategic Partnerships

  • We welcome any collaborative venture that helps our platform grow. Besides, partnering with us also opens up various strategic opportunities for your business.
  • Thinking about setting up IoT platform or acquiring a license? Why not teaming up with us instead?
  • Already operate your own IoT framework? Let’s join forces!
  • Looking for unique marketing content to boost your smart device sales? We help!
Conrad Connect Partner

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